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5 Natural Powerful Remedies to Your Insomnia

It is very common to experience an occasional sleepless night. However, insomnia is excess wakening or the inability to sleep at night thus impairing daily functioning.

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This relatively widespread sleeping disorder affects more than a third of the adult population globally. Sleeping disorders are more common in women, however quality sleep decreases equally in both men and women as we age.  

Natural Sleep Remedies for Babies

What Causes Insomnia?

There are numerous reasons why people might find it very hard to sleep at night. Different kinds of insomnia have different causes. However, in general, factors that contribute to insomnia include stress, environmental change or noise, extreme temperature vacillations, disruption of regular sleep patterns, medication side effects and hormones. In addition, sleep apnea, chronic pain, depression and a host of health issues can lead to insomnia. The good news is that common sleeping problems can be addressed with various natural remedies.

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